LED light перевод на русский

LED light

1 LED light

2 LED obstruction light

3 LED strip light

4 led overspeed light

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LED — (Light Emitting Diode) led n. small lamp which is used as a pointer … English contemporary dictionary

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LED anchor light — A LED anchor light is a newer type of an already existing marine signaling light known as an anchor light , defined by international regulations as a 360 degree white all round light with a given range of one NM (Nautical Mile), two NM, or three… … Wikipedia

LED Incapacitator — DHS newsletterThe LED Incapacitator (Light Emitting Diode) is a powerful weapon designed like a flashlight. It emits an extremely bright, rapid, and well focused blue wave of differently colored random pulses. Before the human eyes can focus in… … Wikipedia

Led — Diodo emisor de luz Ledes[1] de color rojo, verde y azul de 5 mm. Tipo pasivo optoelectrónico … Wikipedia Español

LED stage lighting — LED stage lights are light fittings that use light emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source. LED lights are an alternative to traditional halogen lamp or high intensity discharge lamps. Like other LED lights, they have high light output with… … Wikipedia

Light activated resin — Light activated resins are one part translucent polymers that cure and quickly harden when exposed to specific light spectrums. The required wavelength for cure is specific to the resin chemistry. The resin remains liquid (thick, like syrup or… … Wikipedia

LED-Fernseher — sind Fernsehgeräte, bei denen auf irgendeine Weise Leuchtdioden (LEDs) zur Erzeugung des Bildes eingesetzt werden. Meist handelt es sich um LC Displays, deren Hintergrundbeleuchtung aus Leuchtdioden besteht (siehe LED Hintergrundbeleuchtung).… … Deutsch Wikipedia

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LED-Scheinwerfer — sind Scheinwerfer, bei denen Leuchtdioden (englisch light emitting diode, LED) als Leuchtmittel eingesetzt werden. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Funktionsprinzip 2 Aufbau 3 Einsatz … Deutsch Wikipedia

Light therapy — Intervention Bright light therapy is a common treatment for seasonal affective disorder and for circadian rhythm disorders. ICD 10 PCS … Wikipedia

Light Waves Concept, Inc — Light Waves Concept, Inc, is an LED and track lighting manufacturer headquartered in Brooklyn, New York City. [ [http://livedesignonline.com/news/light waves concept brooklyn/ Interview with LiveDesign Magazine] ] Owner Designer Joel Slavis’… … Wikipedia

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light-emitting diode therapy — LED therapy. Treatment with drugs that become active and may kill cancer cells when exposed to light. LED therapy is type of photodynamic therapy which uses a special type of light to activate the drug. Also called LED therapy … English dictionary of cancer terms

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Light – перевод на русский язык. Синонимы

Другие варианты перевода [v1]

свет shine, light, glow, world, society, color
освещение lighting, illumination, light, lightening, irradiation
огонь fire, light, flames
источник света light, illuminant, radiant
освещенность illumination, light, luminosity
светило light, luminary, star, lamp
светофор traffic light, lights, light
просвет clearance, light, clear, road clearance, rift, headroom
дневной свет daylight, light
пламя flame, fire, blaze, light
озарение illumination, irradiation, light, afflatus
просветление enlightenment, light
видимость visibility, appearance, seeing, semblance, facade, light
окно window, casement, gap, light
иллюминация illuminations, illumination, light
аспект aspect, facet, side, phase, complexion, light
интерпретация interpretation, exegesis, light, exegetics
умственные способности intelligence, mind, capacity, brain, mentality, light
постановка вопроса light
знаменитость celebrity, notability, eminence, luminary, notoriety, light
информация information, info, data, communication, intelligence, light
сведения intelligence, information, data, info, light, showing
зажженная свеча, лампа и т.п. light
световой light, photic
легкий easy, light, lightweight, slight, mild, gentle
светлый light, bright, blond, blonde, fair, luminous
незначительный minor, light, insignificant, small, slight, little
слабый weak, weakly, low, feeble, faint, light
облегченный lightweight, facilitated, light, lightly built, palliated
легковесный light
воздушный air, airy, aerial, overhead, light, ethereal
бледный pale, light, pallid, faint, wan, white
легкомысленный frivolous, careless, flippant, giddy, light-headed, light
чуткий sensitive, responsive, light, tender, thoughtful, understanding
веселый cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, light
нетяжелый light
некрепкий light
пустой empty, blank, vacant, unoccupied, idle, light
рыхлый loose, friable, lax, soft, crumbly, light
неплотный loose, incompact, light, untight, lax
необременительный light
несерьезный not serious, lightweight, futile, childish, light, hollow
нетрудный easy, toilless, light
распущенный libertine, dissolute, licentious, dissipated, rakish, light
хорошо поднявшийся light
подвижный mobile, agile, motile, fluid, spry, light
быстрый fast, quick, prompt, rapid, speedy, light
чувствующий головокружение dizzy, light, light-headed
неударный unaccented, weak, light
зажигать light, kindle, light up, ignite, burn up, spark
светить shine, light, beam, lamp, beacon
загораться light up, light, catch fire, ignite, fire, catch
освещать illuminate, light, light up, illumine, lighten, elucidate
зажигаться light, light up, strike
растопить melt, kindle, light
сходить go down, descend, go off, come off, come off, light
садиться sit down, take, set, board, get in, light
падать fall, drop, tumble, go down, sink, light
неожиданно обрушиться light, light upon
запалить set fire, light, kindle
растапливать melt, thaw, light
неожиданно натолкнуться light, light upon
случайно напасть light
опускаться go down, descend, fall, drop, sink, light
легко easily, easy, light, readily, with ease, lightly
налегке light
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Синонимы: Light

  • bright, full of light, well-lit, well-illuminated, sunny
  • light-colored, light-toned, pale, pale-colored, pastel
  • fair, light-colored, blond/blonde, golden, flaxen
  • easy to lift, not heavy, lightweight, easy to carry, portable
  • flimsy, lightweight, insubstantial, thin, delicate, floaty, gauzy, gossamer, diaphanous
  • nimble, agile, lithe, limber, lissome, graceful, light-footed, fleet-footed, quick, quick-moving, spry, sprightly, twinkle-toed, fleet, lightsome
  • friable, sandy, easily dug, workable, crumbly, loose
  • small, modest, simple, easily digested, low-cal
  • easy, simple, undemanding, untaxing, cushy
  • gentle, mild, moderate, slight, playful, lighthearted
  • entertaining, lightweight, diverting, undemanding, frivolous, superficial, trivial
  • carefree, lighthearted, cheerful, cheery, happy, merry, jolly, blithe, bright, sunny, buoyant, bubbly, jaunty, bouncy, breezy, optimistic, positive, upbeat, ebullient, gay
  • unimportant, insignificant, trivial, trifling, petty, inconsequential, superficial
  • gentle, delicate, soft, dainty, faint, indistinct
  • dizzy, giddy, lightheaded, faint, vertiginous, woozy
  • light-colored
  • idle
  • clear, clean, unclouded
  • short, scant
  • swooning, faint, light-headed, lightheaded
  • lite, low-cal
  • abstemious
  • sluttish, loose, promiscuous, easy, wanton
  • tripping, lightsome
  • weak, unaccented
  • wakeful
  • illumination, brightness, luminescence, luminosity, shining, gleaming, gleam, brilliance, radiance, luster, glowing, glow, blaze, glare, dazzle, sunlight, moonlight, starlight, lamplight, firelight, ray of light, beam of light, effulgence, refulgence, lambency
  • lamp, wall light, headlight, headlamp, sidelight, streetlight, floodlight, lantern, flashlight
  • match, (cigarette) lighter
  • daylight, daylight hours, daytime, day, dawn, morning, daybreak, sunrise, natural light, sunlight
  • aspect, angle, slant, approach, interpretation, viewpoint, standpoint, context, hue, complexion
  • understanding, enlightenment, illumination, comprehension, insight, awareness, knowledge, light-bulb moment
  • expert, authority, master, leader, guru, leading light, luminary
  • lighting
  • visible light
  • spark, twinkle, sparkle
  • lightness
  • light source
  • ignitor, igniter, lighter
  • inner light
  • illumination
  • luminousness, luminance, luminosity, brightness
  • set alight, set light to, set burning, set on fire, set fire to, put/set a match to, ignite, kindle, spark (off)
  • get off, dismount, unhorse, get down
  • illume, illumine, light up, illuminate
  • ignite
  • alight, perch
  • fire up, light up
  • fall
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Значение слова : Light

having a considerable or sufficient amount of natural light; not dark.

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LED light перевод на русский

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